Tuesday, September 2, 2014

My Barren Kingdom

I am the King of my desolate world, 
A land so pure of loneliness beauty but a bit cold. 
The vast snow mounds,
As well as sharp mountains protruding into the clouds.
A fire that will never survive in this temperature,
As thoughts of words that replay as a lecture.

Yet, I am the King of this revolving globe,
Flashes of memories flicker by with every strobe.
As the chilling winds blows,
With the full crisp moon that glows.
I would rather lurk and wonder in this world,
Than trying to pretend to fit in or do what I'm told.
I am free here,
but only to sacrifice a significant other's feel.
Even when the sun shines with its full rays,
I will never feel its warmth kiss on my face.
Banish from society is what you may think,
Wrong is what i will say to you and my fired shrink.
A harsh journey that no one would even take it,
But friends will always be welcome if they want to visit.

Talking and sharing everything my snowman friend "Olaf"
Laugh if you want, but he'll be the only one their for me, so "fuck off"
Cause I am the ruler.... The King of this vast frozen wilderness,
My own throne to call my own and away from a society that I will never miss.
A King...That has kept his memories and thoughts to his own,
Because he cannot let those memories disrupt his thought as he sits as ruler on his throne.

A King...A ruler of his own
A ruler.. A king that would rather be alone
A Might... A force not to be reckon with.
A Force.. A might you should not be involved with.

Because I am a King... A king of my own world.
A globe....frozen...alone...and a bit cold.